STEYR AUG 24 inch Barrel. 

The Steyr Aug in the 24 inch barrel is utilized as a light machine gun with an open bolt or a tactical counter sniper rifle with the use of a sniper scope. It is an awesome feet of engineering which is based around the unique and distinctive muzzle break. Accuracy is MOA 3 inches out to 300 yards. Also unique is the bipod which allows for greater accuracy and control of recoil. 

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All barrels for the Steyr AUG are hammer-forged from high-grade steel and feature chrome-plated bores. They connect to the receiver by means of locking lugs and can be installed or removed in seconds simply by rotating them 45 degrees, or 1/8 of a turn. Each barrel is equipped with a synthetic grip allowing greater muzzle control and protection for the shooter. With the exception of the 14" submachine gun barrel, the barrel grip folds upward for firing from the prone position. Also incorporated into the barrel assembly is the gas system which includes the gas cylinder, piston, spring, and an adjustable chrome-plated gas plug.

Barrel Specifications:

350 mm
407 mm
508 mm
621 mm
GAS PORT DIA. 2.4mm .089 0.089 0.082
3.55 kg
(7.83 lbs)
3.60 kg
(7.94 lbs)
3.80 kg
(8.40 lbs)
4.85 kg
(10.70 lbs)
630 mm
690 mm
790 mm
900 mm