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Want to make a big BANG?       

ISTEC ISL 274 40 mm Grenade Launcher

The ISL 274 40 mm grenade launcher was developed by ISTEC to meet an Australian Army requirement for an under slung 40 mm grenade launcher to fit onto the Steyr AUG/F88 5.56 mm assault rifle. It is a manually fired, fixed breech, side-opening weapon that can be under slung from an AUG barrel by means of interface brackets. A cutaway lower hand guard replaces the standard item and can be used when the grenade launcher is not attached to the rifle. The main components of the grenade launcher are manufactured from hard-anodized aluminum alloy. Other components are stainless steel. The firing mechanism is of the double-action type. As the launcher breech is opened, the spent case is ejected automatically. The direction of opening of the side-opening barrel can be to either side to meet individual user requirements; the conversion can be carried out by the user in the field. Barrel locking levers are on both sides of the grenade launcher body.
A sight unit is attached to the grenade launcher body, graduated in 50 m increments from 50 to 300 m. The sight can be secured to either the left or right-hand side of the launcher. When not in use, the grenade launcher is carried in a webbing carrying case.

Calibre: 40 mm
Operation: single shot
Weight: grenade launcher and sight, 1.2 kg; interface bracket, 180 g
Length: grenade launcher, 280 mm
Sights: 50 to 300 m in 50 m steps
Trigger pull force: 1st pull, 40 N; release pull, 70 N
Muzzle velocity: 76 m/s


ISTEC Services Limited

AWC Raider suppressor for AR-15/M16 weapons

The AWC Raider was expressly designed for 5.56 x 45 mm AR-15/M16 type rifles and carbines, but is also available for the Steyr AUG and Heckler and Koch weapons in 5.56 mm on a special order basis. The Raider suppressor can be used in confined structures and aboard ships and aircraft without requiring hearing protection of any sort. Secure locking is accomplished via a new two-piece cam locking system that has no effect on weapon accuracy or zero. Construction is entirely of 304 stainless steel. Finish is matt black.

Weight: 680 g
Length: 170 mm
Diameter: 38 mm

AWC Systems Technology

PO Box 41938, Phoenix, Arizona 85080-1938.


Everyone needs a 24" barrel . . .

Steyr 5.56 mm AUG Light Support Weapon (LSW)

One of the three versions of the Steyr AUG is a Light Support Weapon (LSW). All the details relevant to its action and operation are given in the section dealing with Austrian rifles and the data here refers to the LSW version only.
There are variant models of the LSW: the type firing only from a closed bolt (see below) is known as the Heavy Barreled Automatic Rifle (HBAR). The model firing from an open bolt is known as the Light Machine Gun (LMG). Both open and closed bolt types are generically known as the Light Support Weapon (LSW). All types use a barrel group with 178 mm pitch of rifling. A muzzle attachment acts as a flash hider and reduces recoil and muzzle climb during automatic fire.
There are two basic versions of this weapon; the LMG has the usual carrying handle and built-in optical sight of the AUG family, although the magnification is increased to x4. The LMG-T has a different receiver assembly which has, instead of the carrying handle and sight, a flat bar upon which any telescope sight or night vision device can be mounted. In addition both types can be furnished with modifications which change the operation of the weapon so that it fires from an open bolt. This modification involves the substitution of a new hammer mechanism block for the standard type and changing the cocking piece in the bolt assembly; these components can also be supplied to permit modification to existing weapons; the conversion can be done in less than 1 minute. In the open bolt mode there is no change in the firing characteristics of the weapon.


NEW!!!  Open Bolt LSW Bolt vs. Standard AUG Bolt

From Left to Right:  Side-by-side comparison of the two bolts.  Next two pictures show measurements from a standard AUG/USR bolt.  Final picture shows measurements of LMG Open Bolt measurements.  LMG bolts will not work in a standard AUG, and using a standard AUG bolt in an open bolt gun is also probably not safe as there is a significant difference!

LMGboltcomparison.jpg (31509 bytes) LMGboltspec.jpg (37656 bytes) LMGnormalbolt01.jpg (36121 bytes) LMGnormalbolt02.jpg (36419 bytes)

Cartridge: 5.56 x 45 mm
Feed: 30- or 42-round box magazine
Weight: unloaded, 4.9 kg
Length: 900 mm
Barrel: 621 mm
Rifling: 6 grooves, rh, 1 turn in 178 mm
Sights: x4 optical, integral with carrying handle
Muzzle velocity: ca 1,000 m/s
Rate of fire: cyclic, ca 680 rds/min
Max range: ca 2,800 m

Steyr-Mannlicher AG & Co KG

Postfach 1000, A-4400 Steyr.

In production.

Australia, Malaysia, Tunisia.

Similar models
Manufacturer: ADI Limited, Lithgow Facility
Type: 5.56 mm F88
Remarks: See entry under Australia.

Manufacturer: SME Technologies Sdn Bhd
Type: 5.56 mm AUG LSW
Remarks: Standard specifications



Photonic telescopic sight for assault rifles

The Photonic telescopic sight for assault rifles was originally intended for use with Steyr AUG rifles but can be adapted to suit other models. It is produced with a standard magnification of x1.5 although it can be produced with magnifications of x1.3, x2, x2.5 or x3, with the field of view varying accordingly.
The sight is of the closed design type, featuring nitrogen purging and no moving elements. It is intended that the sight is integrated into a separate housing and could fit, if required, into a weapon carry handle. External adjustment elements for boresighting in elevation and deflection are fixed on the sight housing. There is a thread-on filter mounting on the eyepiece. Numerous types of sight graticule, either etched on glass or mechanical, are available.
The sight is designed to be able to withstand considerable shock, as well as withstanding the results of firing 1,000 rounds over which period the line of sight will not alter more than 0.2 mil. The sight will withstand an immersion in 1 m of water for 2 hours and the exposure to 95 per cent relative humidity for 96 hours.

Weight: 85 g
Length: 183 mm
Diameter: external, 24 mm
Magnification: standard, x1.5

Field of view:
Exit pupil diameter: 8.1 mm
Eye relief: 65 mm
Dioptric adjustment range: +1/-0.5, fixed
Parallax: none at 200 m
Resolution: 40 arc sec
Operation temperature range -40 to +55ºC
Storage temperature range -50 to +71ºC

Photonic Optische Geräte GesmbH & Co KG

Zeillergasse 20-22, A-1170 Vienna.

ADI Grenades

The ADI family of grenades is a totally co-coordinated system which allows individual models to be adapted to specific needs. The grenades share common components and each can be hand thrown or adapted for rifle firing with ADI's 5.56 mm bullet trap projector. The system eliminates the need to meet the combat and training requirements for hand and rifle grenades with different arrangements. Another benefit is the versatility of the system under combat conditions; the soldier can quickly change from hand throwing to rifle projection with minimum preparation or ancillary equipment.

HE fragmentation hand grenade
This is a defensive grenade, to be thrown from cover. Fragmentation is controlled by using several thousand steel balls set in a plastic matrix around the explosive charge and the positioning is designed to ensure even and predictable dispersion. The lethal radius is 6 m and the casualty radius 15 m. Actuation is by the usual `mousetrap' striker retained by a lever and pin, with the igniter unit fitting into the center of the grenade. A gasless primer is used, giving consistent delay times. The delay may be specified by the user; standard delays are 3.5, 4, 4.5 or 5 seconds.

Weight: 370 g
Length: 90 mm
Diameter: 68 mm
Standard delay: 5 s (others optional from 0.1 to 7 s)
Range on projector: 180 m

Practice hand grenade
The practice hand grenade approximates the fragmentation grenade's weight, throwing and rifle projection characteristics. It can be reused many times by inserting a replaceable low-explosive charge which gives a flash and bang on functioning but has no dangerous effects and does not damage the grenade body.

Weight: 370 g
Length: 90 mm
Diameter: 68 mm
Standard delay: 5 s (others optional from 0.1 to 7 s)
Range on projector: 180 m

Rifle Projector
The Rifle Projector is a tail unit which can be fitted to any of the grenades in the ADI system to allow them to be fired from Steyr AUG or M16 5.56 mm rifles. The design can also be adapted to other 5.56 mm small arms weapons as required. There is a small booster unit inside the projector which ensures accuracy and light recoil for the user. The projector is light and easily carried.
To launch a grenade from a rifle, the striker housing assembly is removed and replaced by the projector unit. It is then slipped over the rifle muzzle and fired to a range of up to 200 m.

Weight: 245 g
Length: incl grenade, 265 mm
Diameter: 68 mm

ADI Limited

Level 4, 509 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria 3004.

Australian armed forces (hand grenade).

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