Accessories and Options


Check out all the cool toys and gadgets you can add to your AUG/USR.   Please note that some items may not be legal to use with the USR or may only be legal to use with some modification.

Many thanks to members who contributed the following photos!  As always, click on the image for a larger view.

AUG A2 mounts.JPG (606493 bytes) AUG Surefire 01.jpg (44500 bytes) AUG Surefire 02.jpg (48862 bytes) AUG Surefire 03.jpg (191485 bytes)
Here's a nice detailed look at the bits and pieces of the 9mm bolt carrier and how it differs from the standard .223 carrier.  Note that the anti-bounce rods do need to be removed before the carrier can be used with a semi-auto stock.  Also, the semi-auto cocking piece is also slightly different.

The 4 main barrel options for the AUG.  Class 3 folks can also have shorter barrels that have the grip fixed in place (folding it would most likely result in your finger being shot off!). In addition, there is the 9mm barrel detailed out on the 9mm page.
Roller vs. non-roller bolt carrier system.  Unfortunately, the roller is not something that can be retrofitted to older carriers.  Still, I have not heard of any negative reports from those who have the older system.

Open vs. closed flash hiders.  The closed style is seen on the newer AUG's, but can be easily retrofitted.
From our Aussie friends.  I wish I could get my hands on one of these rails!  The big difference here are the holes and slot on the side for mounting additional items.  Very pragmatic!

Again, from one of our Aussie friends.  This little "nubbin" is used to prevent accidental FA fire although it can be removed very quickly if needed.
Barrel markings on the Aussie A2.

ADI AUG Barrel.jpg (31142 bytes)

ADI rail 01.jpg (30717 bytes)ADI rail 02.jpg (35501 bytes)

More pics of that really cool rail!
Buck M9 Bayonet on the AUG.

AUG M9 Bayonet.jpg (30745 bytes)

ADI scope for the AUG
ADI Scope 01.jpg (174665 bytes) Mounts on the A2 or any picatinny rail.  The optics are the Steyr updated circle with crosshairs, backup iron sights, and it obviously heavy duty! ADI Scope 04.jpg (74976 bytes)
ADI Scope 05.jpg (84677 bytes) ADI Scope 02.jpg (91958 bytes) ADI Scope 06.jpg (233480 bytes)