Steyr - Mannlicher ACR Advanced Combat Rifle 

Since 1864 Steyr- Mannlicher has been recognized as one of the leading pioneers in firearms design. As the creator of the first synthetic stock center fire rifle. Steyr was the first manufacturer to incorporate synthetics into weapons design to any substantial degree. Steyr also developed and introduced the AUG. the worlds first adopted assault rifle system with a bullpup layout and integrated optics. 

It is Steyr's mission to deliver to the US Armed Forces the same unsurpassed standards in individual combat small arms technology. We proudly offer you the Steyr ACR. The advanced individual assault rifle system engineered today to meet the challenge of the battlefield through the year 2000 and beyond. 

The reason that the ACR should be chosen in the Advanced Combat Rifle Trials is the Steyr Mannlicher entry redefines combat effectiveness through  maximum hit probability under battlefield stress, through the year 2000 and beyond. That's Steyr's bottom line objective in providing the US armed Forces with a successor to the M16A2 rifle and is the singular mission behind the Steyr Advanced Combat Rifle ACR. 

Designed to reduce aiming error and maximize effectiveness under combat stress. The Steyr 5.56 mm ACR is a gas operated/ rising chamber modular weapon system firing semiautomatic or high cyclic 3 round burst of flechette projectiles from a 24 double round magazine. This system combines the ultimate feature in weapon optics, and ammunition design. 

In creating the ACR Steyr has drawn upon 125 years of experience in the small arms development to provide the US Armed forces with the ultimate individual weapon: a combat rifle that could dramatically enhance the individual effectiveness, setting an unprecedented standard for hit probability (PH) out to 600M. The ACR can be fielded in as little as 6 month from contract approval. 

Steyr in presenting its ACR system is the only system that balances human engineering and weapons design with consideration of cost and near term availability to offer a quantum improvement over the M16 A2. The Steyr ACR provides Tomorrows Technology Today. 

The Ultimate Kinetic Energy Round in existence. 

To ensure maximum hit probability under battlefield stress the ACR ammunition design utilizes the latest kinetic energy projectile technology: a 9.85 grain carbon steel flechette in a lightweight synthetic case. The streamlined design and fin stabilization of this 5.56 X45 synthetic cased flechette reduces the drag coefficient and produces a highly stable projectile with excellent penetration at all ranges. Its translucent magazine allows for instant assessment of ammunition supply. Most importantly the flechette outperforms the current M16 A2 M855 by traveling twice as fast as the M855 on a completely flat trajectory when zeroed in at 600 M. 

The weapon and the ammunition are designed to eliminate the need to change adjustments to sighting in all conditions. Faster flight speed, flatter trajectory, lower recoil and high cyclic rate add up to systematically engineered performance for maximum hit probability under combat stress. The Synthetic Cased Flechette also weighs less than one half the weight as the SS109 cartridge allowing for increase in the number of rounds per combat load. At 600 yards the velocity of the flechette is 910 Meter per second allowing it to penetrate steel plate and all known body armor.

Optimal Ergonomics and User Interface:

Weapons safety, efficiency, comfort, and reliability are essential to reducing the influence of stress on the individual combatant and from producing high levels of battlefield confidence. From the ground up the Steyr ACR weapons system has been "human engineered" to develop the most effective functioning man machine interface. The Steyr ACR is designed for ambidextrous use to include the magazine release, safety, and cartridge ejection from the bottom of the weapon. Ease of handling is accommodated by the contoured design of the weapon. The over all length of the ACR is only 30.7 which is 25% shorter than the M16A2 allowing for high maneuverability in confined spaces and better accommodation to airborne and special forces needs. Its tough synthetic and metal construction is completely modular and the system consists of fewer than 1000 moving parts. This means greater logistics supportability of a family of weapons, greater enhancement of maintenance in the field and depot level. It should provide for enhanced level of readiness and reduced life cycle costs. 

From Steyr   one of the worlds leading firearms design pioneers and on of the most respected manufactures, comes the redefinition of combat effectiveness. Designed to increase hit probability under stress, reduce size, increase safety, improve reliability in continuous operations, simplify training, and provide consistent effectiveness in all environments and scenarios the Steyr ACR provides the US Armed forces its entry in the ACR field trials. Thus we offer tomorrows technology today.