Steyr AUG 9mm



The Steyr AUG in 9mm brings the many benefits of modular bullpup design to the subgun arena.  A simple change of bolt carrier assembly, barrel, and the addition of a snap-in mag adapter is all that is required to turn the versatile AUG into a formidable 9mm carbine.

The bullpup design allows for an extremely compact design utilizing a 16" that is about the same overall length as other subguns such as the HK MP5 utilizing shorter barrels.  The increased velocity from the longer barrel results in very little, if any, drop at distances out to 100 yards when using full power 124gr. FMJ NATO loads. 

The pictures below show the differences between the AUG 5.56 and 9mm components:

The 9mm barrel does not have the gas piston as the design is a straight blowback.


Here is a picture that shows the upper feed ramp on the 5th generation 9mm barrel vs. the 4th generation 9mm barrel.  The ramp allows for reliable feeding of hollowpoints and a variety of 9mm ammo


Note on the left the 9mm carrier has a slot for the shell ejector.  The cocking piece is also easily removed and not welded on the 9mm carrier.  On the right, you can see differences in the bolt itself, plunger on the 9mm carrier, as well as the extractor on the side of the bolt.


Frontal view of the 2 carrier/bolt  assemblies.  Note the notch for the ejector on the 9mm carrier.


The magazine adapter on the left is a 4th generation unit.  There is a bolt hold open device that is show actuated on the right but the plastic tab on the magazine follower on the rear back side of the 25 round magazines.


A comparison bewteen the 32 round MPi magazine and the 25 round AUG 9mm magazine.  Both will function in the 9mm AUG, but the bolt hold-open feature will only be activated by the 25 round magazine utilizing the plastic follower.  The 25 round magazines also incorporate count holes.  The magazine shown has the elongated slots while some other magazines simply have a few traditional count holes.  

Currently (Q4 2001) the 25 round mags fetch about $75 each and the 32 round MPi mags are about $40 each.

More Pics of AUG 9mm parts

aug9mmparts01.jpg (39182 bytes) aug9mmparts02.jpg (40844 bytes) aug9mmparts03.jpg (40688 bytes) aug9mmparts04.jpg (41586 bytes) aug9mmparts05.jpg (41689 bytes)

Steyr AUG 9mm Specifications:

The Steyr AUG 9 mm Para is a sub-machine gun version of the standard AUG assault rifle. It uses the existing stock and receiver units but is fitted with a new barrel of 9 x 19 mm Parabellum calibre, a special bolt group, a magazine adaptor and a 25-round box magazine.

Cartridge: 9 x 19 mm Parabellum
Operation: blowback, selective fire, closed bolt
Feed: 25-round box magazine
Weight: empty, 3.5 kg
Length: 665 mm
Barrel: 420 mm
Rifling: 6 grooves, rh, 1 turn in 250 mm
Sights: integral x1.5 telescope
Muzzle velocity: ca 400 m/s
Rate of fire: cyclic, 670-770 rds/min

Steyr-Mannlicher AG & Co KG

Postfach 1000, A-4400 Steyr.



User Feedback From Merrick:

The differences between generations as far as I can tell from what I hear and the 7 to 10 kits I've seen are mainly in the magazine adapter.  First generation plain Jane kits have no bolt hold-open device on the magazine well adapter.  Second generation kits had bolt hold-open devices on the magazine well adapter.

Third generation had the bolt hold-open device and a couple of scallops or ramps
(side by side) on the front of the mag adapter to improve feeding.  I believe these also had a roller on the top back part of the bolt.

Fourth generation kits did away with the compensator slots in the barrel because
it fouled silencers and apparently didn't make any difference.

9mm AUG Police P or 9mm AUG Para kits - It appears that about the time that they developed the 4th generation kits they also developed a 9mm stock and sold complete guns in 9mm. The stock is FA, right-hand ejection only with the molded in brass deflector.  The only difference between the Police P and the Para is the Police is black and the Para is green.

Larry over at has the Kuwaiti surplus 4th gen kits. I got to see one of these kits a couple of weeks ago and and it looked the same as my old Police P kit with the double scalloped/feed ramps and dull or no finish on the mag well adapter. Finally the only difference between those parts and the latest manufactured 9mm parts is that the mag adapter has a black finish and a "1" molded into it between the mag catches.

I have heard guys say that they had nothing but problems with these kits. They jam or if you load anything non- standard, the ejector pops off.  It does sound like putting in the feed ramps in the third gen kits fixed something. They made have made some changes in the bolt head to fix the ejector problem or the stock took care of that I don't know. My friend with the Kuwaiti kit put a couple of hundred rounds of name brand 9mm through his on a .223 stock with no problem and he picked it up second hand from Pete's brother.  Yesterday I put a couple of hundred rounds on my Police P kit with no problems shooting Hirtenberger 9mm subgun stuff. Clay pigeons were fun but it was really neat to blow clothes pins off the chicken wire at 25 yards!

These kits are really sweet but they've been often trashed by rumor and hearsay. Please post your experiences. GSI brought in about 175 of these, Larry has moved about 50 to 75 Kuwaiti kits, maybe there are couple hundred Police guns have come in (only a few of which have been parted & filtered out to nonLEOs), then there are the hand full of odd overseas bring backs. Not much else is known. Anything you could post would be great.

enjoy, Merrick