The Purpose Of This Page Is To Help The First Time AUG/USR Buyers. Here You Can Learn What To Look For In Buying Your AUG/USR. Not Many Stores Stock These Weapons And The People Who Buy Them Most Likely Are Second Hand Owners. Thanks To Pete At Here Is A Guide On How To Buy A Steyr AUG/USR.

It is important to note that buying any firearm NIB (New in the box) or used is difficult. Here are the indicating factors to look for buying a Steyr AUG/USR. As proven many times NIB doesn't mean NIB. Pete buys so called NIB AUG'S & USRs all the time and only a few of them really turned out only factory fired!!!



The exposed bolt carrier on NIB AUG/USR should be parkerized gray in color with no marks on it.  A used AUG/USR bolt carrier will show the parkerized gray rubbed off quite a bit right on and under the serial number.


  • Pull out the receiver and check the firing pin & cocking piece.  NIB guns should not have a residue buildup that you cannot wipe off with a cloth.  There will be small traces of residue but nothing that would stain or buildup on the pin.


  • Check the hammer pack to see if there are signs of use on the hammer itself.  It will have firing pin imprints on it if heavily used.  Check the tightness of the hammer and other parts.  You can also check on the hammer pack where the pin goes in to lock the butt cap on to see how many times it was taken apart. 


  • Also check the date on the hammer pack to see if it has been replaced or not.  The new replacement ones are dated 97 to 99.  These do NOT go on a NIB Green or Black AUG. Most early green AUGS have no date on hammer pack. Newer green AUGs 906SAXXX serial # and up might have a 94 date code on the hammer pack. Not uncommon to see no dated / 94 / 95 dated hammer packs in the black AUGs.


  • Check the barrel closely on a black AUG to see it was a green AUG with a cut down barrel.  Some guys are buy black AUG stock kits and then after sending the 20" barrels off and cutting them down to 16" they are selling the AUG as a black AUG matching #'s gun for a premium price.  The green AUG barrel is threaded on the outside of the barrel from the flash-hider down to the stock.  All factory black 16" AUG's have only 1" of threads showing.  They start at the gas piston and only go forward 1" in length.Factory black 16" AUGs started from serial # 905SAXXX through 908SAXXX. There were never any 900SAXXX-904SAXXX factory black 16" AUGs produced.



- All factory green AUG's came with 20" barrels.

- The newer green AUGs (903SA900 serial # and up) came with the updated roller bolt carrier (try to buy one of these)Only a must if your AUG is a NFA transferable full auto.

- Also the 905SAXXX and up serial number AUG's had the closed flash-hider

- All factory black AUG's came with 16" barrels

- All the black AUG's had the roller bolt carrier

- 907SAXXX & up AUGs had updated Scope adjust knobs

- There were NO factory special receiver AUG's imported as complete rifles with matching numbers.  They are ALL parts guns.

- There were 5,000 Green AUG's imported, some went to Canada.

- There were 1,500 Black AUG's imported, most were sold to Police Officer and some went to Canada.

- There were 3,000 USR's imported, all came with gray stock & grip.

- There were 1,250 AUG Special Receivers imported, all were sold as "AUG Receiver Only" Serial numbers were as E001 & also GSISA001 .

- There were 150 matching number 9mm AUG's imported (mostly in the hands of LE agenices)They were green AUGs in the 905SAXXX serial # range

- About 400 1st/2nd/3rd & 4th generation AUG 9mm kits imported.

- GSI imported 50 factory 14" barrels.

- Pjs Investments imported 130 factory 14" barrels.

- 50 AUG M16 green F/A stocks were imported by GSI.

- 5 NFA Factory LMG Open Bolt green 20" AUGs Imported by GSI.

- There are fewer than 15 AUG LMG open bolt kits in the US.


Preferred Steyr AUG/USR Vendor 

1. PJS Investments:

Pete at PJS sells all versions of the AUG, and is the one responsible along with GSi for the A2 AUG upgrade.  He normally has pristine examples in stock.   Pete stocks just about every part and accessory you need for the AUG/USR and is also a Class 3/SOT dealer and stocks transferable full auto AUGs and stocks all of the full auto AUG parts.  

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