Member's Guns

This page is dedicated to pictures of member's guns and accessories.  If you would like a picture added to this section, please e-mail it to me and include a caption if you like and/or any credits (handle, name, none of the above, etc.).


Click on pictures for full-size views:

The fabled Purple AUG 9mm.  2 to 1 against keeping it purple but . . . the women like it so it stays this color!
A couple of pics of my A2 AUG. The ACOG is a TA01NSN and works beautifully! 
Long variation of the AUG bayonet apparently made by Eikhorn. M9 Bayonet on top, Long AUG bayonet middle, and standard AUG bayonet bottom.
AUG Mag pouch idea from one of our members.  Check the boards for more info on these.
From one of our friends in LE no less!  A little too much Dirty Harry?

membersAUG.jpg (31639 bytes)

auga2rails.jpg (26660 bytes)

The next 3 pics were submitted by KimberKid . . . Nice collection!
One of Pete's A2's with the 14" Barrel:

a2aug14inch.jpg (182417 bytes)

And a slick USR setup with a nicely customized case.

Raj USR case1.jpg (47358 bytes)

Pete's White AUG Project

whiteaug.jpg (465031 bytes)

Terro's AUG

terroaug.jpg (178860 bytes)