Member's Pics

Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos for this section.   I will of course, keep your contact information confidential and will delete your e-mails and addresses from my computer.  If you would like credit for your pics and/or links and e-mail addresses to be visible, please let me know!

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And without further delay:


The AUG in Service:

 jill_aug.jpg (36105 bytes) memberauguse.jpg (91807 bytes)   Mike AUG 01.jpg (187260 bytes) NFA AUG.jpg (151647 bytes)
nickaug.jpg (115081 bytes)  wife_aug_1.jpg (74793 bytes) wife_aug_2.jpg (43043 bytes)  
 The next 3 pics (right) are from KiwiAUG:  kiwi01.jpg (16526 bytes)  kiwi02.jpg (24462 bytes) kiwi03.gif (40406 bytes)