Steyr Aug Comparison NFA Weapons
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FA to SA - Ever wonder what makes a Steyr Aug semi-auto (SA) different from a full auto (FA)?  Well here you go. Please remember that to own a full auto weapon in the US that you must have a licensed and registered FA receiver or hammer pack and the appropriate paperwork from the BATF Failure to comply will lead to a long prison sentence. 

A big "Thank You!" goes out to Harmsr for providing the following pictures detailing the differences in SA and FA parts.  Harmsr does have a properly and legally registered FA pack that is used with these parts.  Possession of any FA items without a FA pack or receiver may be construed as a federal firearms violation, so please check applicable laws and with the BATF before doing anything questionable.  I hope the identification pictures here will help people recognize what they are buying and avoid and potential legal problems.

 AUGsafacockingpiece.jpg (43091 bytes)  AUGfasacarrier.jpg (68899 bytes) Page6_Graphic6.jpg (22760 bytes)
 SA & FA cocking piece (SA on left)  As installed on bolt carrier  SA, FA, 3rnd burst packs
 AUGrods.jpg (88780 bytes)  AUGcarrierrear.jpg (69985 bytes) No picture available
Anti-bounce rods.  The "short" section actually goes the other way and has the little springs on that end as well. Rear of FA & SA carriers.  The one on the left is the FA with larger holes   The larger plastic buffers on the FA stock (plastic donuts on the rear of the guide rods toward the very back of the stock, and the shorter guide rods

A couple of side notes here:  

- Pete recommends using the metal FA cocking piece (not pictured) when using a 9mm kit.  If you have any questions on why, please direct them to him (contact information below)

- The anti-bounce rods that are in a FA carrier are not shown.  Again, Pete recommends if you do not have these installed that you limit yourself to 10 round bursts or less.  He says that anything more could result in damage to the firearm and/or resulting injury.

Pictures from Buddy Hinton And Pete at PJS INVESTMENTS.  

- The first Picture is a SA Carrier next to a FA carrier.  There are some differences between the two carriers such as the cocking piece, holes for the guide rods, as well as the inclusion of anti-bounce rods within the carrier itself.                                             

- Here are the  Piston parts for The FA note they include a NO GAS Function for launching a grenade. 

 Page6_Graphic5.jpg (13747 bytes)   gernade.jpg (24213 bytes)  Page6_Graphic2.jpg (13971 bytes)  augsuppres1.jpg (9143 bytes)
 Gas piston with no gas setting for grenade launcher  Grenade launcher attachment and grenade  FA Stock options  Suppressed AUG
AUG with M240 40mm grenade launcher 

 240.jpg (12730 bytes)

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