Repair and Warranty of the Steyr Aug and Steyr Products

350 mm
407 mm
508 mm
621 mm
GAS PORT DIA. 2.4mm .089 0.089 0.082
3.55 kg
(7.83 lbs)
3.60 kg
(7.94 lbs)
3.80 kg
(8.40 lbs)
4.85 kg
(10.70 lbs)
630 mm
690 mm
790 mm
900 mm


Most likely your Steyr Rifle or handgun will never break. Made to exacting standards and tolerances most users will enjoy a life time of use and enjoyment of their Steyr Firearm and enjoy "tomorrow's technology TODAY!" With the shakeup in the firearms industry and the change of distributors of steyr products contacting the right person to get that firearm replaced is sometimes a challenge. 

Thus we are recommending a process on how to successfully archive this! 

1. Post your dilemma on the discussion boards. At most likely there is only a simple issue or quick fix that can be figured out by the experienced staff of We have been tinkering with these things for years. Alone the site has been up for 5! 

2. If you are unable to get results email me directly at and I will forward the issue to a Factory contact and will help to assist you.

At Steyr Mannlicher and this internet site are serious about your enjoyment of your Steyr Firearm and hope this answers any of your questions.