The bipod on the Steyr Scout is fairly rugged but it is not designed for "GI Joe" type use.   This fix involves removing the broken pivot stub and fitting an aluminum stud to the bipod head. There have been some reports of pins breaking and the factory has come up with a fix.  

bipod pivot pin replacement (16k jpg)

Repaired bipod pivot, original bipod pivot.

Gun Case for the Steyr Scout

The case leaves a bit to be desired and owners of non-package Steyr Scouts would like a good case for it.  Doskocil Manufacturing Company Inc., makes two nifty cases that seem tailored for the Steyr Scout.  They are their  "Special Edition" Single Rifle Cases, item #10480 or #10488.  These cases hold a single scoped rifle up to 48" and feature recessed handles, deep molded valance and live action hinges and are 471/2" x 81/2" x 31/2" inner dimensions.  The #10481 has a game scene on the outside and metal latches while the 10480 is a plain case with slide locks.

Doskocil Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Consumer Relations Department
P.O. Box 1246
Arlington, Texas 76004-1246

Slings and Swivels

Most of the currently shipping Steyr Scouts seem to be coming without slings or swivels.  You can order swivels from Millett (, The Millett part number is SS00002 for a pack of 2 swivels and you will need to order 2 packs to get 3 swivels.

The original flush swivels will fit the Millett studs on the Steyr Scout but the current versions will not fit.

For  Slings I highly recommend Andy Langlois ( or

Leupold QRW & PRW Rings

Leupold has recently announced that their QRW on the Steyr Scout's STANAG rail.  The rings utilize a square cross bar insert that fits the cross slots of the rails deeply and won't peen the lips of the cross slots.   At $58 for the 1" rings and $70 for the 30 mm rings they are the best buy for Steyr Scout owners.  Click here for pictures and more details.

Bolt travel can be significantly made smothed and elimation of binding by slightly beveling the two opposite edges of the guiding pin protruding into the guide rail of the bolt. About 1/32" (1 mm) downwards, at about a 10 slope (basically just break and smooth the edges).  Remove noticeable burrs or rough edges.  Add lubrication and you have a much smoother bolt without any binding. 

Bolt guide pin location (11k jpg) Pin location in trigger group [3k gif] guide pin detail [2k gif]
Bolt guide pin Location of guide pin in trigger group Modification

The pin is part of the trigger group. To access the  pin remove the bolt and put the safety in the "fire" position.  The pin will pop up and can be seen just forward of the sear head. The edges can be removed with a very fine long stone or diamond file.  


Cleaning Supplies Storage

Alternative Scope Mount Rings Available From Talley

ring2.jpg (5271 bytes) ring3.jpg (5572 bytes)

Talley Manufacturing Company now has available scope rings specifically designed for use with the Steyr Scout. These steel rings are available for both 1" and 30 mm tubes and come in 3 heights; .350" (use with the Leupold scout scope), .450", and .550" (for mounting conventionally positioned scopes). The previously mentioned .300" high rings have been discontinued according to Talley as the .350" work with both the forward mounted and conventionally mounted position. Production versions will feature a matte finish to match the Steyr Scout. The Talley .35" rings will mount the Leupold scout scope approximately .14" higher than the factory Steyr "low" rings.

The rings are of the vertically split design and incorporate a removable lug specifically designed, from Steyr blueprints, that deeply and tightly fit the slots of the Steyr Scout's rail to prevent slot peening. (This is a common occurrence with other makes of "Weaver" type mounts whose cross bolts do not set deeply enough.) While not "quick detachable" they should handily fill the need for rings that properly fit the Steyr Scout without breaking your bank account.

The rings retail for $114.95 in any height or diameter and are available from Talley and will also be available through RWS. The rings sold by GSI and RWS will be marked "Steyr" according to Talley.

Because of differences in manufacturing tolerances Talley cannot say which heights are needed for a particular scope. However, Talley will exchange your set for a different height at no cost (you pay the postage) if the original rings are returned in unblemished condition.  An approximate guide is that in the conventional position the .350" rings will handle up to a 50 mm objective, the .450" up to about  a 56 mm objective, and the .550" up to about a 60 mm objective.  These specs are not confirmed. 

For further information contact Dave Talley at:

Talley Manufacturing

P.O. Box 821

624 Arapahoe Terrace
Glenrock, WY 82637

Telephone: 307-436-8724

Trigger Adjustment

I have had numerous requests for the trigger adjustment procedure. However, because of product liability issues (let us give thanks for all the lawyers) the factory and the importers have asked me to refrain from publishing the directions on the Internet. While it is nominally "user" adjustable, Steyr states that it should only be done by a qualified gunsmith.

The factory setting is 3.5 lb (56 oz) .4 lb (7 oz)