THE STEYR SCOUT was formally announced to the world at a press event held at Raton, NM, on September 24, 1997.  

THE SBS Steyr rifle was introduced in 2000 in Guns and Weapons for Law enforcement in there April addition 

A revolutionary bolt action design, the SBS represents the next generation of Steyr precision rifles, and should be a pace-setter for future bolt action rifles. The heart of the Steyr SBS is its action.







Butt pad and spacers (3k jpg)

10rd magazine shroud (10k jpg)

Tang safety (10k jpg)

Butt stock spacers

10 round magazine with shroud

Tang mounted safety

Leupold scope in Steyr mounts (9k jpg)

Reserve front sight (4k jpg)Reserve rear sight (4k jpg)

Butt well and spare mag (12k jpg)

Leupold Scout Scope in Steyr mount

Reserve folding iron sights

Butt stock magazine well

UIT accessory rail (12k jpg) 3rd 100yd group (7k jpg) 5rd cartridge carrier (13k jpg)

UIT attachment rail

Typical 3-shot group at 100 yds
(Federal 168gr Match)

5 round cartridge carrier

THE STEYR SCOUT was first shown to the general public in the US at the 1998 SHOT Show which was held January 27-30, in Las Vegas, NV. Jeff Cooper was presented with a specially finished rifle at the SHOT Show. Photos of the presentation rifles are at the bottom of this page. Production rifles began shipping to customers about May 6, 1998.

The production of the Steyr Scout Rifle is the culmination of almost seven years of effort between Jeff Cooper and the Steyr Mannlicher company. Until now, the acquisition of a true scout rifle required custom gunsmithing, and a long wait. With the debut of the Steyr Scout a high quality "ready to go out of the box" true scout rifle of is now available to those who appreciate its advantages.

Parts & Service Available through:

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General Specifications for the Steyr Scout SBS 96 L

Action: Steyr SBS (Safe Bolt System) with 70 degree bolt lift. Bolt has dirt/ice grooves.
Safety: Tang mounted 3-position with "Locked safe" (bolt locked), "Loading" (bolt moveable), and "Fire." Firing pin may also be blocked by pushing bolt handle down when safety is in locked-safe position ("Double Locked" Safe).
Caliber: 7.62 x 51 NATO (.308 Winchester), 7 mm-08, .243 Winchester, 5.56 x 45 mm (.223 Remington)--not yet available, .376 Steyr (9.55 x 60 mm)
Weight: 7 pounds (3.2 kg) with scope, mount,sling, and 2 empty 5 round magazines (7.62 mm and other calibers) 7.9 pounds in .376
OAL: 39.57 inches (1.01 meters) with 2 butt stock spacers; 40.57 inches (1.03 meters) in .376 Steyr
Barrel: 19 inches (48.25 cm) hammer forged and fluted with 1-12" twist (1-30.5 cm) in .308 and .376, 1:10 (1-25.4 cm) in 7mm-08 and .243, and 1:9 (1-22.8 cm) in .223
Stock: Textured matte finished gray Zytel with black panel inserts and integral bipod for 7.62 mm and 7 mm - 08. Black for .376 and Tactical Scout.
Length of pull: Adjustable 12.6 to 16 inches (32 to 40 cm) using .45 inch spacers. Length with 2 spacers (furnished) 13.6 inches (35cm).
Trigger: Adjustable 2.0 to 4.5 pounds (.9 to 2.0 kg) Factory set at 3.5 pounds (1.6kg)
Magazine: Detachable, black synthetic "Grivory" 5-round (4-round in .376) box magazine (2 furnished) with 2-position detent allowing single loading or magazine feed.
Sights: Leupold M8 2 power IER Scout Scope (Matte finish) with heavy duplex reticle and Steyr rings; built-in folding reserve iron sights. Line of sight height with the Steyr low mounts (Scout Scope) is 1.4" and for the high mounts it is 1.85".
Scope Mounting System: "Picatinny" (MIL Spec M1913-STANAG) style rail to accommodate standard Weaver type mounts for intermediate eye relief and standard telescopic sights, as well as special purpose optics.
Additional Features: 1" Black leather "Ching Sling" with detachable 3-position flush mounts (Millett type), butt stock cleaning kit storage space, UIT standard mounting rail under forearm.
Optional accessories: 10-round detachable 2-position box magazine and shroud; external, side-of-butt mounted 5 round cartridge carrier; additional .45" stock spacers; "wood" stock inserts; recoil reducing butt plate; matching serial numbered knife.
Suggested retail price: $2699 for .308 Jeff Cooper package (Jeff Cooper logo on right rear stock insert--see photo below) or the standard package, scope, mount, sling and swivels, 2 5-round magazines, manual, and hard case). $2799 for .376 package. Bare rifle (no optics, sling, or case) $1969 ($2069 in .376), Tactical Scout $2069 (black stock, round bolt handle, no sling or optics), Tactical Stainless $2159
Accessory retail prices: Extra 5-round magazines - $49; 10-round magazine and shroud (1 required) - $119; Extra 10-round magazine - $99; Extra stock spacer - $10; Extra sling - $59; Cartridge carrier stock insert - $39; "Wood" stock inserts (set of 4) - $100; Recoil reducing butt plate - $25; Steyr scope mounts (1" or 30 mm) - $244, matching serial numbered knife - $175