Well, the site is pretty much "done" if there ever is such a thing.  I sincerely hope this provides some good information for those who love or want to know more about the AUG.  If you have any suggestions or things you would like to see, please do not hesitate to e-mail me (steyraugsite@aol.com) Feel free to e-mail pictures of you shooting your Steyr, or just pictures of your favorite Steyr guns.  I'd be happy to add them to the appropriate sections with whatever captions and credits you would like.

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09/13/04: The 94 Assault Weapons Ban Expired, Though It Did Not Effect The Steyr AUG/USR And Other Imported Firearms It Did Allow For Current Built Hi-Cap Mags To Be Imported And By That AUG/USR Hi-Cap Magazines Are Under $40 Each Now. 

4/3/04: UPDATED SITE- New front wallpaper thanks to REMTECK. 

 New Steyr related pictures on the way. Thanks for making us the largest Steyr- Aug website on the net with 180,000 Annual visitors each year.  


02/06/03- 2 new questions in aug triva. Can you answer them first and get credit. Post answers on general discussion board. 


- Accessories page updated with LMG bolt information and pics

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- 2 pictures added to the "Members Guns" page including Pete/Pjs's White AUG

- The Hayseeds Page has been added!!!  This is only accessible through this link.



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- Review of the SideArmor AUG accessory mount system has been added.



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- "Member's Guns" page is up!  This is where you can show-off your Steyr and any interesting accessories you may have.  I've started the page with some of my stuff and the fabled Purple AUG!

- Minor fixes to some broken links and a few minor organizational changes made.  Preferred vendor contact information is now available on both the "Member's Page," and more logically, on the "How to Buy an AUG" Page.

- Steyr Shoot page is waaaaay out of date and until I get a chance to really try an organize things, I am replacing that with a Member's Guns page.  Please use the boards to try an coordinate any local shoots.

-" NFA AUG" page has also been tweaked and cleaned up a bit.

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- Added the AUG Special Receiver Page

- Re-organized AUG variants links.  Instead of a 16" and HBAR page, there will be one that goes over the various barrel and stock options.  Hope to have this up later today or by the end of the week at the latest.


Wow!  Been a while since I did an update eh?  Sorry for the delay, but the 20" AUG page is now up!  Thanks to everyone who contributed photos.


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