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Buying and Selling

Try to pay with Credit Card if at all possible and deal with reputable dealers with a good history of solid and honest sales transactions.

Know the terms of the sale / agreement whether buying or selling and get it in writing if possible.

COD is a good alternative to Credit Card and United States Postal Money Orders are an excellent form of payment.

Try to keep an open line of communication via email and or phone with your buyer / seller i.e.. Received payment, sent payment, shipped item, tracking numbers etc.

Try to complete the transaction in a timely fashion either as a buyer or seller

Do not buy if you can't pay in full or meet the sellers terms for payment at the time of the purchase

Do not sell if you can't deliver in a timely fashion

Make sure you have a valid email account that you check regularly if you buy or sell on this forum


Posting Rules

Give complete and accurate descriptions in your post and follow the format chart seen below for posting acronyms.

Post according to the particular board that corresponds with what you are selling

Do not repost the same ad until it disappears. It will disappear in 3 weeks from the posted date unless you delete it.

Choose from one of the acronyms under the subject prefix and this prefix will be automatically included in the beginning of your subject line

You can post as many different items as you wish

Don't use any of these forums for slamming or verbally abusing another user.

If problems arise just simply email one of the moderators.


Common Acronyms:
WTS - Want to Sell
WTB - Want to Buy
WTT - Want to Trade
WTK - Want to Know