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Re: WTB: WTB/WTT Anything Steyr SSG
Date: 10/28/08 02:30

: Hi guys,

: Trying to restore my SSG PIIK to it's former glory-Some turds stole it (out
: of my truck's tool box), but my local PD caught them (Woot!), and I got my
: otherwise unblemished rifle back...

: Except for the 30mm rings, bipod, spacers, my 5 rounders and functional 10
: rounders, etc. Grrrr...

: I have a replacement scope (30mm) so I am not really looking for 1" or
: 26mm rings.

: I also would love to have a factory green stock that would fit the heavy PII
: barrel profile, and any other unique SSG 69 P series goodness.

: Will do cash/PO or I have beaucoup firearms and military stuff to trade
: (Sorry, no actual gun trading in this crapped out economy)

You can get the black stock new from Numrich gun parts ($50.00). I have a 26 mm steyr rings for sale ($140 shipped with original box) or you can get the rings/mags direct from Steyr USA (SAI). Impact guns has one 1" rings for sale (not sure if they have been sold as of today). Good luck.


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